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Wild Slovenia

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April 2023

mental health, vulnerability and women programs, equity, social inclusion, environment and nature

Društvo za raziskovanje osnovne tvarine Divja is a non governmental organization founded in 2016 with the aim to create quality non-formal educational programs for personal growth, education and creation for young people and youth workers.
Name ‘Divja’ means Wild and we see it as outer pristine wilderness in nature and as inner wisdom, innate wilderness of people. Re-wildering in that sense invites to grow bigger awareness, explore and reach our potentials as healthy humans and community members - thus supporting a holistic mental health of individuals.

Our main goals and visions are:

Supporting the personal development (physical, emotional, spiritual) by awakening virtues of self-awareness, nature- awareness, empowerment, embodiment

Bringing attention to a more sustainable and respectful way of living
Improving the quality of life in the community
Awakening curiosity and learning through non-formal education
Educating youth and wider public in the fields of wildlife, environmental topics, community living, women and body wisdom
Promoting the natural values, simplicity and knowledge of ancestors
Bringing together people, experts and students
We also aim to keep developing and improving as an organization, creating quality content. The team and its values have been recognized as a reliable contributor in the field of personal and environmental education, nature awareness development, building short term communities, sustainable development, working with youth, grown ups and especially empowerment of women.

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