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Estrellas del Sur Spain

Project Type



April 2023

youth employment, information service on opportunities, local youth work on inclusion - refugees, volunteering, mental health support

Estrellas del Sur Cultural Association was founded in 2020 to promote a spirit and community integration and to foster European culture awareness among the youth. Estrellas del Sur is presented at local level as a tool to assist and support the implementation of non-formal, high-quality education courses and improving knowledge of European labour system practices. We would like to organise courses, visits and meetings, European events for public agencies on policies concerning youth , mobility, sports , resilience and well being, local economic development , culture and cooperation, etc. We believe that transnational experience could offer young people the opportunity to grow within a European dimension through their personal and professional skills, so that they could become main actors of the European future.
Our aims are:
-To support structure necessary to uphold the curriculum and instructional process through international cooperation and exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences.
-To equip the worse-off with the necessary tool for making them to progress at the same pace than everyone else regardless of gender, social background, cultural or educational background.
-To promote the social construction of Europe and intercultural dialogue.
-To favour understanding of foreign cultures and youth participation.
-To provide support to any cultural, educational, mental, environmental and/or artistic expression based on the previous values for youth and youth workers.
Our fields of interest are:
- Environmentalism
- Local development,
- Employment,
- Positive mental health,
- Youth information,
- International mobility,
- Culture, education,
- Entrepreneurship,
- Active and collective participation,
Indeed, we have a wide target group. In general, we focus on anyone interested in education issues, especially those looking for an experience abroad and in need of a grant or funding. This group involves people of all ages and backgrounds but centered in the youth. Our organisation members provide their experience participating in other international events and personal involvement in other European projects for helping all our goals to become true.

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