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Libero Pensatore Italy

Project Type



April 2023

Sustainability, adult education

Exploring cultural heritage is the oldest branch of the association, which in fact was founded in 2009 as an "unrecognized cultural association". The initial impulse, the "root", was Mr. Gorini and his unique philosophy of life. We set up an organization to be able to do a work of cultural archeology: an "excavation" of a plethora of audio, video, text, and image materials telling the story of Umbria between the end of WWII and the 90s – now comprising the archive of the Associazione.
 The fruits have been many: books, documentaries, cultural events under the banner of "creative folly", exhibitions, fairy tales, theater performances for children, and a micro-publishing house that is now approaching the dozen published books. Today, in 2022, we hope to generate a new sprout from this branch: despite the negative response from the Municipality of Perugia, we want to open a Museum of Eclecticism dedicated to Vittorio Gorini in Perugia. In Umbria.

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