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Monomit Serbia

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April 2023

mental health education through sport, research and cross-sectorial cooperation

Association “MONOMIT” was established in 2023 as a voluntary, non-governmental and non-profit
association, with mission to achieve goals in the field of art, psychophysical health, ecology, tourism
and education of the population with following aims:
 encouraging and affirmation artistic and other creativity of young people;
 promotion and expansion of the activities of young authors on the actualization of cultural

 networking of individuals into a community of like-minded people with content choices
from different arts and different genres of the author type;
 audiovisual production;
 organisation and participation in activities aimed at improving the quality of life through a
holistic approach;
 work on the personal development of the individual, his self-awareness and skills;
 work on the prevention of all types of violence;
 improvement of environmental protection;
 creation of conditions for further development of domestic tourism;
 promoting and encouraging lifelong learning through various educational programs.

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