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Sytev Slovakia

Project type


youth parliament, youth communities, information center of youth opportunities

SYTEV is a civic association focusing on the recovery of society through charitable, educational, information and advisory activities by bringing humanitarian values based in Kysucké Nové Mesto working at the local, regional, national and international level. The aim of the organisation is support and development of non-formal education, using free time, cultural-social and volunteering practice for the public, making communities and networks of youth and also focusing on needs and requirements of people and their engagement to public life. SYTEV develops youth politics and raises the interest about youth contribution on the local and national level. This is accomplished by the creation of a youth parliament in their city, which directly works with the city council. SYTEV helps youth to express their opinion, supporting them in creating and organising local activities. Furthermore SYTEV based youth centre which is a place for co-working for youth, safe place and area of non- formal activities.Mission: Find hidden talents in young people so that they can direct their future and develop in what they enjoy and fulfill. Through our activities, we want to influence the young person, by shaping his personality, so that he is more interested in the environment in which he lives. To be sensitive to the environment and society, not to be afraid to make a change.Vision: Personally and professionally develop young people who will sell their acquired skills and experiences to other youth, keep active youth in villages and towns and create young local communities. Sytev is an information youth center under the organization ZIPCEM and Platform of volunteering and provides informations and support for youth on local, city and regional level in program "Services for youth I." under The Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic which is managed by IUVENTA-Slovak-Youth-Institute.
The target group are teenagers and young people from 13 – 30 years old. The organisation consists of 5 main members (managers), 15 youth workers and more than 200 members/volunteers.

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