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Updated: Jan 19

After the dark days of winter everyone is looking for the energy of spring which can be summarized as beginnings, rebirth, hope, starting afresh. Spring is like a beacon of light we’ve been waiting for a long time finally appearing on the horizon after a long dark night. In the end there is hope that the night will pass and all shall survive. 

If you take a closer look at nature and observe what is happening, you can see that everything starts to gradually wake up. Winter is silent and the direction nature and the energy takes is definitely inwards,  however with spring the first thing you can notice are actually sounds. As nature and all creatures wake up, birds start chirping and everything becomes so loud compared to the previous period. The direction energy takes changes to outwards, what was hidden now comes to light.

As it was mentioned in the previous blog posts this subsequently happens on three levels and actually the whole process starts in the dead of the winter, around the winter solstice (21st of December). At first grasp It is hard to imagine this point as the start of spring, still on the first level of our mind, our thoughts and our personal beliefs (including our spiritual part as well) this is when everything begins. (Generally you can say that all things created are coming into our reality top down going through the same process in order to be manifested in the physical realm.)

This time of the year (winter solstice) is also called the birth of light and if you think about it for a second, it's easy to understand that the smallest light like a candle can only be noticed if the surroundings are very dark. Therefore when the winter kicks in on the most physical level of existence, light is also born. (Winter solstice is literally and by definition the longest night of the year.)

 The next level, the middle level of emotional, energetic (including communications) - which is  noticeable for most people - happens around the Chinese New Year in February. This is the point when we all finally feel that something has changed, it can still be cold, the air can still be crispy, but we feel that the air smells spring-like already regardless. And finally spring arrives to the level of the body and foundations, the most dense and physical of all around 21st of March when we officially celebrate spring.

From oriental perspective an ideal approach for a human being is to align themselves to what is, in this case spring calls you to renew yourself in all three levels. That is why there is spring cleaning in the house, that is why a lot of people are fasting or doing cleansing and detoxification of their body and for the very same reason most people start to plan and think about their future and visions.

Spring belongs to Wood Element and all the above mentioned things hold an important part of Wood in themselves. Since this blog post is too short to talk about all of them, let's take one significant part which is planning on a deeper level. To be able to plan strategically (and not only on an operative ie. everyday level) you need to have a vision, a vision on where you are headed. This - in most cases - doesn't have to be something very clear or exact, but you need to have at least a lighthouse not to get lost in the sea of life. 

Also if we go a bit deeper we can realize that even though it is good to have a great vision, it's important to know where you are headed, but you also need to consider who you need to become to achieve that. This part is mostly forgotten though still a key Element of manifesting your vision to reality. Therefore as a summary of the aspects of spring we reviewed in this post we can say that spring invites you to renew yourself and have a vision about who you want to become.   

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