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Updated: Jan 19

Summer is the undeniable energetic peak point of the year. After the rush of spring passing by everything slows down in a sense to expand in its nature instead. Probably the very first thing which comes to mind when most of us hear the word summer is the warm, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere of it. 

This is the period of the year when nature begins to bloom, plants burst into flowers, fruits ripen, a colorful diversity appears and everything begins to open up in so many levels compelling us to do the very same thing on our individual level as well. People become more social, more friendly, more inclined to share fun and love, live their life to the fullest enjoying every moment. That's why there are more social gatherings, we spend more time with our family, friends and acquaintances, we have an intense need to experience, connect and communicate with the world around us.

Summer belongs to the Fire Element and all the above are quite a good representation of it. Similarly to Wood, Fire also has a vast range of associations, but this blogpost being short, I will only take upon a very small, but somewhat key slice of it.

Being present is a crucial aspect of Fire Element and even more important considering the many downsides of our modern society including the hustle culture and FOMO, both of which have a huge impact on our actual presence or the lack thereof.

 Starting with the latter, first for those of you who might not know what FOMO is, it translates to Fear Of Missing Out which is quite self explanatory.  And it is easy to realize that you actually cannot stand the chance of being present if you are always thinking about all the activities you could have done isntead, all the people you could have been with, all the things you are not doing at the moment because you choose something else. 

The hustle culture makes it even worse, because it keeps you busy all the time with your plate always full, constantly running from one place to another, one activity after the other, which represents perfectly the disharmonic aspect of the Fire Element. Fire intrinsically has a certain type of awareness which followed by a conscious choice can lead to Living with a capital L, experiencing and enjoying life, being a protagonist in your own life instead of  a mere supporting character. Subsequently Fire brings an openness to the world, to connect and share, but this doesn’t happen without any boundaries at all. There is a mindfulness and intentionality of what is shared and with whom as well as in what manner and circumstances does it happen.

Summer invites you to open up, experiment and experience life, it is a very action based time of the year. The plans you might have forged during springtime, it is now time to set things into motion and make it a reality through action and activity. 

As a summary of summer, considering mental health, not surprisingly our relationships have a tremendous impact on our health on all levels, therefore in summertime we need to tend to our connections, care for and cultivate our relationships, open up and share just as well as receive and accommodate the thoughts, feelings of other people especially the ones closest to us.

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